Ahmad Rizqi Meydiarso

CTO & Co-Founder - Kata.ai

As CTO of kata.ai I am leading the development of the AI platform including designing the bot engine, defining the API, SDK, Dashboard and guiding my team to create a state of the art indonesian NLP platform.

Previously, I worked as system engineer at Airbus Defence & Space in Combat Aircraft Training Systems & Services (TASTS1) department in Manching, Bavaria. In this role I worked on the virtual maintenance trainer (VMT) simulation for the Eurofighter, working on both the simulation engine as well as the components. Other projects I worked on was, among others, UAS Mission & Tactical Trainer (UAS-MTT).

I accomplished my Master Thesis in Avionics and Simulations department (EYY) in Toulouse. I was working on next generation avionics platform research involving embedded operating systems, embedded system simulation and AFDX networking.

Both my Bachelor and Master Programme was sponsored by Airbus through “Infotronik-Programm”, a collaboration between Technical University of Hamburg and its industrial Partners to combine practical experience in the Industry and the theoretical academic degree. Thus, I got 5 years working experience in Cabin Systems technologies at Airbus during my Bachelor and Master studies.

One of my skills is the ability to understand complex problem and decompose it to smaller blocks that can be tackled independently. Other skill that I am proud of is my ability to create elegant piece of platform design that is extensible, reusable and flexible.

I hold a M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Computer Science in Engineering from Technical University of Hamburg.