What's In It For You?

Fast-paced and practical, the Software Architecture Conference
will aspire software architects, engineers, and senior developers.

Topics Coverage

Agile Design, Scalable Systems, Microservices, Evolutionary Architecture, Distributed Systems, Continuous Delivery, Service-Based Architecture, Design Principles, Soft Skills, Web Application Security, Enterprise Messaging, Data Architecture, Architecture Patterns, Cloud Architectures, Measuring and Profiling, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Internet of Things, DevOps

Lightning Talks

You will be speaking in a special time slot right after lunch.
Don’t waste this chance. Share your best thought.

Proposal length: 7-minute session
Topic coverage: Software Development
Be awesome, be controversial but still give insight

Registration open until 31 July 2019


Oskar Riandi

Direktur PT Bahasa Kita

Memiliki pengalaman lebih dari 25 tahun dalam riset dan pengembangan teknologi pengenal wicara otomatis (automatic speech recognition), mesin penterjemah (machine translation), pensintesa teks ke ucapan (text to speech) dan translasi suara ke suara (speech to speech translation).

And Many More…

Lightning Talk Speakers

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Workshop Instructor

Riza Fahmi

Developer Evangelist, Co-Founder at Hacktiv8

I love to learn bleeding edge and new technology and enjoy to share with fellow developers that need a guidance and upgrade their skill so they can have a better career or do their own business.

Eko Kurniawan Khannedy

Senior Principal R&D Engineer at Blibli.com

A geek who has experiences in helping to build technologies in startup companies and enterprise companies.

And Many More…


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Win a Speed Typing Contest

In a speed typing contest, contestants compete to attain the highest accurate typing speeds. These contests have been common in North America since the 1930s and were used to test the relative efficiency of typing with the Dvorak and QWERTY keyboard layouts.

Win the competition and get The Mechanical Keyboard.

Any participant in the Conference can join this competition.

The Fastest Typist @ Software Architecture Conference 2018

The Prize is Topre Realforce 104U Variable (Black)


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Usmar Ismail Hall Jakarta

The conference will take place at the Usmar Ismail Hall Jakarta, a great location in central of Jakarta, nearby entertainment destinations.

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Be part of our Software Architecture Conference in Indonesia! This year, we will be drawing a crowd of hundreds of entrepreneurs, corporates, software developers, and software engineers. As a volunteer, you will get plenty of opportunities to meet many interesting people.

You will get a cool organizer T-Shirt and free lunch.

Software Architecture Conference 2018 Organizer.

Thank You for the support from Volunteer. Great team, Excellent!

Registration open until 31 July 2019

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